Being happy…

…by doing something crazy every day.

We live in a world where many things are standardized: beds, mattresses, doors, windows, wardrobes, clothes, plates, glasses,… This list could be continued endlessly. Even fruit and vegetables are subject to a standard.

Don’t the norms begin already with the examinations of the wonderful just born human being? (Too small, too big, too early, too fat, too thin, too much farted, too little farted…). Everyone knows from his own experience how this list was continued.

But what does this do to us? Doesn’t this also make us adapted people, conforming to the norm? Wonderfully adapted to the system?

Who has a right to determine such a thing? What if we are all just perfect as we are? In our liveliness and uniqueness? The way we are meant to be?

How are we supposed to preserve and live our lightness, which our soul brings with it, in a standardized world? How can we experience our full potential of creativity in a standardized world? How can we step by step unfold our soul power again, which is pure happiness?

By doing something crazy every day. Doing something that we would never do otherwise. That lets us step out of the corset of compulsion and the norm.

Do something crazy every day.


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