What if…

…there are possibilities for people to become free and happy?
Would people take advantage of these opportunities? Would they have the courage to really go to freedom?

It is so comfortable to remain in this familiar environment, to act. Where people are seen when they are sick, when they make particularly great sacrifices. Where they get attention when they tell or live a drama. It doesn’t even have to be their own experience.

How much attention does a person get when they are happy? How long does it get attention?

Isn’t it often said in the same breath, „yes, it’s nice, but…“
„hui, don’t rejoice too soon, because…“

We all know this. And already the loop of happiness pulls back into the loop of drama.

Whereas we all made the experience as a child: When I’m not doing well, mom is there for me… Or: I get attention from others around me when….

Aren’t many of us stuck in these loops?

Yes. That’s how we are programmed.

What if there were simple ways to release this programming and many others? And to solve them in such a way that we humans can REALLY live our lives freely and happily?

How many would have the courage to really go this way? The way to think, to feel, to act, to be self-empowered?

Out of the heart. Out of the power of the soul.



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