Yes, but…

…as long as people keep finding buts about why their lives are going this way or that way, why everything is the way it is, why it is not possible to get healthy, to be happy, … , we are allowed to leave these people in their buts.

Only when people don’t want to find any more buts, only when people are ready to look behind the buts, they are ready to change something in their life fundamentally.

It takes this willingness from within themselves. It needs this one step to go into real life. This step is the yes to oneself. The yes to life.

This does not mean that critical questioning and different points of view are not desired. Quite the opposite. This can accelerate the healing process enormously.

Because if you step out of the but, and participate awake and actively in the healing process, then healing is absolutely and unspeakably fast possible.


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