International Women’s Day

Somehow special, that there must be something like that…

…but not really surprising, if you look at the last 1000 years. There the women, the empathic, the birthing, were virtually erased from all traditions or the so-called holy books. In fact, everything that is inherent in women by nature.

By giving birth to children, women are given a special gift. A gift that is in no way desired in a cold system of guilt, function, lack, pettiness.

Unconditional love.

Filled with unconditional love, people are no longer dependent, can no longer be kept down, can no longer be made slaves.

When this power, when this power is lived again, in each of us, then there is peace, fulfillment and powerful togetherness in families. Then men are again in their unique power. Children no longer educated. Women again soft, wide and wonderful.

Let’s have courage to love unconditionally and heal this world.


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