What does happiness mean anyway? If one follows the so-called opinion-forming surveys, then one recognizes very fast that luck is represented very individually.

Many, however, make their happiness dependent on the outside. I am happy because I have a good job. …, because I have a dear wife. …,because I can afford this vacation. …,because I have that great car. …,because my husband takes care of my needs.

Some people also keep postponing their happiness to the future: …when I am retired, then… …when I have the right partnership, then… …when I am healthy, then….

These lists could be continued endlessly. Every one of us knows this only too well. Each of us also knows that this kind of happiness can only be felt for a very short time.

But happiness draws on itself. Infinitely and always. Happiness never needs the outside. The more we turn our gaze back to the inner core, to what we REALLY are. Get out of wanting to appear, out of wanting to have and out of expecting the other person to make me happy. The more the pulse of happiness begins to beat in oneself. Tentatively at first. But then more and more powerful and free.

And the genius of it?

Happiness creates itself out of itself – over and over again.


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