Most people live a life that consists of a series of repetitions. Like an endless loop, the days, the weeks, the months, the years are scaled down.

Sometimes here a family celebration, there a vacation and more rarely there a spontaneous trip on the weekend.

In this way, people are kept monotonously in their little world. The creativity that is inherent in all people is lost. Spontaneity is exchanged for the evening program on the television. The joy of life falls by the wayside and life becomes a gray repetition loop of the past.

But the soul knows no repetitions. The soul is new in every moment. Shines differently in every breath, in every thought. The soul loves to laugh, to dance, to sing. The soul is infinite life – and pure.

Let’s give ourselves and our aliveness the gift and get out of this loop. Every day a little bit more.

In the evening, a spontaneous venture with your loved one. A different way home from work. A new thought about the girlfriend. A lively trip to the Italian restaurant with neighbors we haven’t met yet. A lively bouquet of flowers from Mother Nature. A spontaneous dip in the sun in a quiet meadow….

…we think a new thought every day. Let us act a little bit differently every day…

…and thus become healthier day by day.


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