What is time actually? Why was time invented? What was before someone had the idea to measure things, to limit them?

If we ask our soul, it does not know time at all. But what does that mean for our body, for our life?

If the soul knows no time, knows no limitation and knows no division, then by the introduction of the time nevertheless a mega gigantic clou of the separation succeeded. The separation from ourselves.

With time we are absolutely dependent on the outside and run after things which we would not know without time.

If the soul is boundlessness, then we limit with time but also this and become older, frailer and even mortal, because we are not in harmony with our soul.

Let us take more and more time out from time. Every day a little more. And we feel what it means to live, what it means to breathe, what it means to feel the pulse within.

Boundless/time-less being out of oneself.


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